Event management

Midikenn Model Management offer a new type of service and event organisation.

Events are nowadays considered to be one of the most profitable marketing investments. The organisation is a complex process but we are here to help you in every aspect. Our idea is to create unique occasions, packed with creativity and professionalism that your guests will never forget and to make sure that your event is a total success.


Services we offer:

• TV show production, movie production, commercial production

• showroom organisation

• banquet organisation

• event program and concept construction

• selection of the venue, set design, insuring all required licences, selecting the best technical solutions

• guest coordination

• DJ booking, band booking, entertainer booking, professional hostess booking, dancer booking

• fashion shows organisation, thematic and targeted entertainment organisation

• celebrity special booking, top model special booking, etc.

• sound system and lighting

• brand promotion and press contact assurance


Former successful cooperation:

- 1992 Midikenn humanitarian fashion show in the hotel „Intercontinental“

- 1992 Midikenn organized humanitarian action for Children's center ''Grigor Vitez“ in Zagreb

- 1992 Midikenn humanitarian action for Children's homes in Oborovo and Vugrovec

- 1993 Midikenn organized fashion show for Donna Karan in Zagreb it the hotel "West In"

- 1996 Fifth Midikenn Anniversary in the hotel “Intercontinental ''

- 1999- 1996 continued with the organization of a large number of events and prestigious fashion shows

- Fashion spectacle '' Enrico Coveri“ for Heruc Gallery with some of the world's top models  like :

Markus Schenkenberg and Satya Oblet

- Founders of Midikenn opened a production company H-1 as part of the group

- Midikenn bought half share in HI-TECH company


1999- 2004 all three companies: MIDIKENN, H-1, HI-TECH was connected

- TV spots production (Prva sportska kladionica, Zagreb osiguranje...)

- TV shows production (Hit-depo, VIP DJ, Ona ili on, Kviskoteka...)

- Creating multimedia content (Zagrebački velesajam, Zagreb Osiguranje, Eurosong...)

- Launch of the first SMS prize game in Croatia (Coca-Cola “Imaš kod"...)

- Starting and maintenance:




- A co-production of shows: The World of Fashion and Video Fashion News

- Media buying for Zagreb Osiguranje, WGW, Continental Film ...

- 2004 Midikenn published the first Croatian mini-manual for models 'All the Secrets of Modeling' which was published by the magazine „OK!“ in a circulation of 120,000 copies

- 2004 in cooperation with Heruc Gallery, Midikenn organized fashion show '' Estare Culto: The Dream '' and brought more than 40 world top models including Karolina Kurkova, Alek Wek, Omayra Mota, Marcus Schenkenberg, Satya Oblet, Cameron, Kristina Sajko, Mateja Penava

- 2004- 2006 Midikenn opened its Office of Public Relations and Media

- 2006 Midikenn in cooperation with the German company TELE MEDIA GMBH opened the company Telemedia d.o.o. Zagreb to provide complete services ''software'' applications to our customers in Croatia in all areas

- 2008 Midikenn opened ''sport division'' department for representing athletes


Midikenn opened the first professional division for hostesses in Croatia

- Our hostesses successfully represented us on the events of our clients such as SIEMENS and Generalturist.

- 2008 our hostesses were successful at The Auto Show in Zagreb for one of the biggest car companies such as Opel, SEAT and Chevrolet.

- 2008 they were successful on NOĆI GUTAČA REKLAMA.

- 2008 Midikenn hostesses on DANI MIMOZA.

- 2008/2009 was achieved cooperation with strong companies like PZ AUTO, GLOBTOUR, PUBLICS CONSULTANTS/PR.

- 23rd April 2009 Midikenn organized the entire event for the opening of the first jeans store in Croatia for company Pandan d.o.o.